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Trade Idea: NZD/USD- Sell (Stop Limit) at 1.7410\40; Target: 1.7100\30; Stop: 1.7480\1.7520. *I remain bearish on NZD/USD.

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Intraday Point and Figure Trading @ Forex Factory
I like your post very much as I am very intersted in using point and figure charting for forex. In your above examples, what charting program do .

Forex Point-and-Figure Charting Solutions
Jun 15, 2012 . At first, such charts may seems strange and alien to a currency trader, but point- and-figure charts are the perfect noise filters and display only .

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  • Point and Figure Chart in Forex
    Point and Figure Chart in Forex Here's an age-old charting technique that you can use effectively in the foreign exchange markets.

  • Point And Figure Charting Basics
    Feb 21, 2011 . Learn how to construct and read these price charts designed to highlight . Designed for long-term investment, point and figure (P&F) charts have . The strong correlation between EUR and CHF currency pairs is undeniable.

  1. forex charts with point and figure

    Creating a forex charts with point and figure

    • Forex Daytrading
      I could enhace the Point & Figure indicator during the last month, too. At the moment I am implementing a real time based chart creation. So [...] Read the full .

      Forex Point and Figure System - YouTube
      Alert icon. Loading... Uploaded by fxpnf on Apr 9, 2008. Learn more about the only customizable forex point and figure charting application on the market today!

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    • Point & Figure Chart Definition | Investopedia
      A chart that plots day-to-day price movements without taking into consideration the passage of time. Point and figure charts are composed of a number of columns that either consist of a . Canada's Commodity Currency: Oil And The Loonie .

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    • Point-and-Figure Charts: Forex Charts That Show You The Money!
      Point-and-figure charts are charts that follow changes in prices, and not time. Many charts are set up on a time scale, and comparisons are then made between .

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Android Forex Apps
Feb 19, 2011 . If you use an Android phone and know/find any good FX apps, please reply. . It also allows you to use Point & Figure charts and that's a great .


Point and Figure Patterns (PnF) Stock Screener - PnF Strategy ...
Point and Figure Patterns Stock Screener with an ability to backtest Point and Figure Patterns Stock . Stock Screener - US Stocks, Forex and ETFs . For those who study Candlestick, P&F and Renko charts, these reports offer valuable insight.

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Introduction to Point & Figure Charting — Forex Video Zone
Aug 27, 2009 . This video makes a strong fundamental introduction to point-and-figure charting technique, showing how such charts are built, how they can be .

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