Does HUD Owe You a Refund? - US Government Info -
Anyone who ever had a mortgage insured by HUD/FHA may be due a refund on . If you are approached by a "HUD Tracer" offering to get such a refund for you .

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you feel that you've been misled or in some way harmed by a tracer; or . FHA's or the government's policy will prevent you from receiving your refund . (FHA) single family mortgage insurance premium refund or distributive share payment.

FHA Warning on Mortgage Insurance Refund Scams - Yahoo! Voices
Jan 13, 2011 . But those who are due a mortgage insurance premium refund from the FHA do . The government has no arrangements with third party tracers.

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    (Mortgage insurance policy) on the loan they took out. . to give you an honest and accurate overview of the government tracer refund process. . The Government Tracer Program has been featured in the USA TODAY and listed as one of the .

  • HUD 'Tracer' Business? Watch Out! - US Government Info -
    These firms offer to set people up as HUD Tracers by selling them lists of persons who are due insurance premium refunds from HUD-insured mortgages.

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    • HUD - Does HUD Owe You a Refund?
      [The U.S. government's official web portal] . Beware of "tracers" who offer to help you collect your refund for a fee. . Due to increased public interest, the Mortgage Insurance Premium Refund Support Service Center is experiencing a high .

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    • FHA Tracer Job Offers Raise Red Flags - BBB News Center
      Sep 30, 2011 . The job? Processing government insurance refunds to homeowners. . to be on the lookout for misleading "refund tracer" work-at-home offers.

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FDIC: FDIC Consumer News - Winter 1997/1998
Aug 3, 1999 . Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank . Authorities are warning consumers to beware of “tracers” — people or companies . claim an affiliation with the government and offer to collect refunds for a fee.


Star Publishing Group, Inc
Aug 3, 2000. home-based business as a refund tracer was an employment opportunity for processing mortgage insurance refunds for the U.S. government .

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Processing Mortgage Insurance Premium Refunds - Download
The software program provides information that the Government HUD-FHA has . How To Trace FHA/HUD Mortgage Insurance Refunds - A 34 page guide with .

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