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Nothing looks worse than granite counters on old 70's cabinets. BTW, I'm in the same situation. . make a house sell faster. They don't usually come close to recouping the investment. . The less you do, the higher your return.

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Corian Vs Granite
Apr 12, 2010 . If you are planning to get a kitchen countertop installed with either . Though corians crack, they can be mended easily with very low investment cost. . As compared to granite, return value of corian is little less, although .

Renovations That Give You a Return on Your Investment | Kitchens ...
If you want to invest more than you can hope to recoup because you love your . At the other end of the spectrum, swimming pools hardly ever return their cost, . Articles: All About Stone Countertops · Do Granite Countertops Emit Radon?

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    Creating a investment return on granite countertops

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    • Home Renovation-Renovations that sell
      In most cases, a kitchen with granite countertops would be a fast seller because it . return on investment than the average return on other popular renovations!

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GRANITE COUNTERTOPS | Marble Countertops | Countertop Ideas
These pieces supply depth, clarity, durability and a fantastic return on investment. So in a nut shell, when shopping for granite countertops, granite remnants .


Why Buy Granite | Details
Making the investment to install granite over other countertop options is, . That may or may not sound like much, but it is definitely a return on your investment.

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What Renovations have the Best Resale Value? | eLocal.com
Feb 28, 2011. element that sets a home apart than just another granite countertop. . experts as the highest value for return on investment in remodeling: .

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