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Once you've learned and practiced these wire jewelry making techniques, you'll be able to create a wide range of styles of handmade wire jewelry.

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Metals & Wire - FDJ On Time
Brass for jewelry making. Brass can be polished easily and has a soft yellow color. Use brass to make jewelry or for practice. Mix brass with sterling silver wire or .

Web page on jewelry tools you will want - WigJig
Metal Ruler. A ruler is probably the first tool you will use in any jewelry project. Measuring wire before you cut it is always good practice. You need a ruler that .

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    • Jewelry Making - Common Beginner Errors
      For more free jewelry making instruction, designs, all your jewelry supplies, jewelry wire, jewelry tools, and beads, visit WigJig! . everyone should use practice wire and make about 3 pieces out of practice wire before cutting your good wire.

    Creating a jewelry wire practice

    • Knitting with Wire - Knit Kit Jewelry
      . jewelry. Knit Kits answer all your wire knitting questions. . Knit Kit Jewelry by Joyce Goodman . (There is plenty of extra wire in the knit kits for practicing.) .

      How to Buy Bulk Sterling Silver Jewelry Wire | eHow.com
      Learn how to use sterling silver jewelry wire efficiently, and practice with copper wire first to conserve your use of the precious metal. If you're a jewelry designer, .

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Components on a Jewelry Jig
One last suggestion for jewelry making. Plan on making at least three of each jewelry wire component to be made on the jig using inexpensive practice wire.


Wire Jewelry Making Tutorials
Choose your own beads and wire... dress it up or dress it down. Although this is the starting point to practice your basic wire skills for making jewelry, it is also a .

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How to Make Jewelry with a Sharks Tooth - Ask.com
Buy a little extra jewelry wire so you have some to practice with when making your first wire-wrapped shark tooth. It can take some practice to get the wire snug, .

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