A sound investment? Analysing and maximising ROI from ...
May 17, 2002 . The effective selection and deployment of knowledge management . This is a key factor in identifying where the return for the investment on .

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Knowledge Management ROI | Consona
Knowledge Management Return on Investment (ROI). The business case for knowledge management is well established: more efficient service and support .

Above and Beyond KM: Measuring Knowledge Management ROI
May 20, 2008 . And, it sums up so much of what passes for measuring the Return on Investment ( ROI) of knowledge management. All too often knowledge .

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    Knowledge Management Process of application acquired over many years is a . knowledge capture process yields a significant return on investment by giving .

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    Feb 28, 2011 . Should Knowledge Management be viewed as a Spend to Save or a Return On Investment? tallyfox.com. Why is it so hard to justify Knowledge .

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    Creating a return investment knowledge management

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    • Measuring the Return on Investment of Knowledge Management
      Measuring the Return on Investment of. Knowledge Management Projects. Michael R. Marks. St. Edward's University. Everycompany or organization in business .

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    • ROI for Knowledge Management « Its all about KM
      Mar 26, 2007 . This article has been moved here….. As with every business venture , unless there is a solid case built on the ROI chances are the initiative .

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Knowledge Economy Return on Investment
Sep 9, 2012 . Knowledge economies are generating new knowledge and commercializing that knowledge through technology development leading to .


Introduction to Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management is one of the hottest topics today in both the industry . resulting from knowledge management in terms of return on investment (ROI).

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OpenText Knowledge Management | OpenText
Open Text Knowledge Management is comprehensive knowledge management . Increase corporate agility and productivity; Accelerate return on investment through . Your foundational investment in Knowledge Management allows you to: .

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