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Essentially all other jewels that any of the British royal family is seen wearling belong personally to the Queen, or have been given as gifts or loaned to other .

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The Jewels Of The British Monarchs @ Jewel Info 4 U
The British Royal Jewelry consists of famed crowns, tiaras, necklaces, earrings, . courtesy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_Jewels_of_the_United_Kingdom .

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Jul 8, 2012 . From Zelda Wiki, the Zelda encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation . The Elements were introduced under the name "royal jewels". The Links need .

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In 1378 the Keeper gained control over at least a part of the royal jewels, and had a box in which he kept them, with two keys, one for himself and the other for .

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      Jun 15, 2011 . Above Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain ... a royal, she had taste and a truly regal look. During her exile she always traveled with all her jewels .

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      Jan 21, 2012 . Jewels of the Ladies of the United Kingdom . MORE ROYAL JEWELS ON PAGE 2 . Jewellery of Today's British Royalty - The Tudors Wiki .

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      Crown jewels are jewels or artifacts of the reigning royal family of their respective country.They belong to monarchs and are passed to the next sovereign to .

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Persian Jewels - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Iran (Persia) possesses an extraordinary treasure of royal jewelry, including a copious amount of mother-of-pearl from the Persian Gulf. The Iranian crown jewels .


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The Stockholm Palace or the Royal Palace (Swedish: Stockholms slott or Kungliga . museum, which contains old weapons, uniforms and also the crown jewels.

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